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Green Squad EnviroInfra is renowed for providing excellent performance and high quality products with four premium products

  1. Swimming Pool Enclosure
  2. Retractable Roof
  3. Patio Enclosure
  4. Retractable Balcony

Green Squad has recently entered in agreement with Megavent Technologies for their Retractable Solutions for west zone & Excellite Industries for Exclusive India dealership.

Megavent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. estb. in year 1995 with wide range of telescopic covers with premium products like Retractable Roof and Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosure.

Excellite Industried Ltd.:- As a polycarbonate sheet maufacturer since 2001, Excelite has it's factory to Exclusively manufacture swimming pool enclosure.


Retractable Enclosures of Swimming Pools, Roof Enclosures, Patio and Balcony Enclosures. Retractable Roof Enclosure Extremely suitable for Pubs, Restaurants, Villas, Resorts and Hotels

Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure

Who doesn’t want to save money on their pool? Keeping your pool cleaned and filtered can be a tedious and costly task. With Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures, you can easily avoid getting dirt, dust, leaves, or insects in your pool. This allows for a neat and clean pool all the time. Protect your family from all the elements and preserve all the fun! In the summer months, pool enclosures shield you from the direct heat of the sun, protecting your loved ones and friends from sunburns. During the winter months, Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures guard against cold winds and freezing temperatures, ensuring a grand time in less than delightful conditions. Beautifying your pool can and will make you the talk of the town.

Retractable Roof Enclosure

Retractable Roof Enclosure Extremely suitable for Pubs, Restaurants, Villas, Resorts and Hotels. Rooftop Enclosure is any form of small or large weather protection system and work great as a: nightclub rooftop enclosure, restaurant enclosure, hotel enclosure, swimming pool enclosure. Our Rooftop Enclosure is a telescopic motorized covering that you can open and close whenever you like. with a simple click you can open your retractable cover or retractable enclosure and enjoy the summer and sunny days. The special inner material prevents harmful UV rays from entering through the covering, while at the same time it avoids the unpleasant greenhouse effect. The system has no rails on the ground, therefore it’s indicated for the impaired people. It can be tailor made and installed anywhere.

Retractable Patio Enclosure

Installing our commercial patio enclosures can transform seasonal profits into annual ones by allowing you to use your outdoor spaces, once reserved for spring and summer months, all year round. By lowering your vinyl walls, you’ll experience an immediate 10-degree change in the temperature; heaters can be added as well to create a warmer environment. Our durable vinyl walls protect customers from wind, rain, and cold, creating a comfortable space that you can use to maximize revenue every day. Our customized patio enclosure walls fit tightly, keeping your outdoor space protected and comfortable. Companies and universities have utilized our commercial patio enclosures for restaurants, fitness centers, classrooms, conference rooms, atriums, reception areas, cafeterias, entryways, covered walkways, retail space, nursing homes, multi-housing space, museums, hotels and more.

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